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I'm Rachel, a self-taught baker (formerly a nurse) and mum to 2 of the hungriest kids you'll ever meet. After moving to the country, I found myself spending heaps of time in the kitchen. Somewhere along the line, I stumbled across doughnuts, and became hooked. 

In early 2016, we came across a 1959 Airstream caravan on the side of the road and bought it on the spot. after converting the caravan to a food grade kitchen, we sold doughnuts and coffee in akaroa during the Summer. 

I enjoy the creative process behind an idea or a brief, and set about turning it on its head- to create something original, out-of-the-box and visually delightful. If you'd like to talk recipe developmenT and photography (or doughnut and cake enquiries)- Get in touch.

You’re only 16 once, say it with marshma
Custard square, too cute to slice 🔪💕 T
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